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March/April Jersey Contest Prediction Form: Game 6

As is my custom with back-to-back games I'm just going to post one scoreboard after both games are over.  It's only marginally helpful for you to see results that will change in 24 hours and this saves a bit of work for me.

One note on the Denver game however...  One of the statistical questions was the number of Fred Jones' dunks.  Freddie got a DNP-CD.  That counts the same as an injury for scoring purposes.  In other words that stat line will not count for or against anyone.  Had he played even one minute it would have, but that's not the case.

Here's the Game 6 prediction form.  To enter simply copy it into the comment section of this thread and fill in the appropriate answers.  Remember that even first-timers have a shot to win a bonus prize with an awful (but Clyde-esque) score of 22 out of 100 and anybody who gets a perfect 100 out of 100 wins a jersey on the spot!

Game 6 Prediction Form
Blazers   Pistons
Bonus Question:  Will anyone for either team get a technical foul (other than illegal defense or delay of game)?
Statistical Predictions:
Zach Randolph's Points--
Jamaal Magloire's Turnovers--
Jarrett Jack's Assists--
Total Blazer Offensive Rebounds--

Good luck to all!

--Dave (