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Warriors Wager

To make things interesting on Sunday I got together with GoldenStateofMind, our Warriors affiliate on this network (and the most popular NBA site on the network by far, by the way, but we're gaining...) and we placed a wager on the game.  The whole "you write something nice about my team or I'll write something nice about yours" deal has been done various places already, so we upped the ante.  If the Blazers win they have to write some nice things about this BLOG...and vice versa, of course.  Oh...and it has to be in some form of rhyming poetry.  No haiku, something substantial.

I suppose now you'll have a whole new reason to cheer on the Blazers.  "Tanking" my butt!

--Dave (

P.S.  Don't forget the Jersey Contest form is below.