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Thirteen Sentences about the Blazers

Let no-one say that Dan from Bright Side of the Sun is not an honorable man.  Having fallen to thirteen Blazer fanatics in last month's jersey contest (he beat 61 others, but that's beside the point) he has paid up with thirteen sentences about what's good with the Blazers.  Actually he was generous, he gave us a few extra!


I normally don't follow the TrailBlazers on a consistent basis.  This contest actually made me do something I wouldn't have done otherwise.  And I learned a lot of good things by watching them.  First, the Blazers are going to be good.  If they keep their main players and possibly add a few others, they'll be challengers in the West.  I don't see them becoming top tier for a couple of years but once their rookies get a few years under their belts, the team could become like the Blazers of old.  In other words, scary.  The Suns had a hard time against the Blazers this year.  I have a hard time imagining what the team will be like when Zach Randolph has a couple more years on his resume and Brandon Roy isn't a rookie and has learned how to play like a veteran.  If I had a vote in the Rookie of the Year awards, I would vote for Brandon Roy.  As Blazerbrads1 says, "Roy for ROY".

In trying to follow the team as opposed to just looking at the win/loss record, I've found a new respect for the Trailblazers.  They remind me of what the Suns were three years ago right before they got Steve Nash.  Basically, 1 good player and two years of experience away from becoming a great team.  The only thing further I can say is the best compliment I can think of coming from an opposing team's fan:  the Blazers make me nervous.

This has been an enjoyable experience.  Thanks for letting me crash the party and basically forcing me to follow another team I normally would have this year.


Thanks go out to Dan for being a good sport.  I think if you guys are willing we'll make this a regular part of next year's contests.  It not only spreads our good name (and those of the team and our fellow SBN bloggers) it also gives everybody something to shoot for even if they think they're out of the running for the jersey itself.  Every group of would-be heroes needs a villain to contest with, right?

And since Dan was such a nice guy he and his Phoenix-fan followers should know that we fully realize that thirteen nice sentences pale in comparison to making a run at the rings.  Being as good as the Suns is something a lot of NBA teams aspire to.  Someday maybe we'll be able to do honest battle on the court as well as the jersey contest field.  Much respect.

--Dave (