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Game 59: Bobcats vs. Blazers

We just played the Bobcats a couple weeks ago and they haven't changed that much since then, so if you want a full preview you can click here.

Basic Recap:

  1.  The Bobcats have a lot of one or two dimensional players on offense.  Force each to their weaknesses, Grasshopper.
  2. They'll need to break on you to win.  Don't shoot long, don't turn it over, get back.
  3. Try to get Okafor outside and away from the rim to prevent rebounds.  If he's guarding Zach look for the face-up jumper.
  4.  They have porous defense and foul a ton so drive it down Broadway!
  5.  Outrebound and outhustle.
To these I'd add:
  1.  Emeka Okafor and Gerald Wallace are both experiencing minor injuries and may be questionable for the game. Either one missing would make it hard on the Bobcats. Both missing would be a disaster.
  2.  Our bench should be able to make hay in this game.  This would be a perfect time for Martell or Sergio to break out the scoring stick.  In fact I'd like to see a Martell vs. Morrison matchup out there.  I think Webster would finally find someone he could abuse in a variety of ways on offense and he'd get to practice a little defense too.
  3.  Most importantly of matter what happens, don't bork.
--Dave (