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Zach Explained

Likely overwhelmed by the last three day's conversation about Zach--in the Prophet's diary, in the chat with Kevin Pritchard, in our own "Who's Controversial?" post--the following realization struck me in the midst of making dinner:

Sometimes when you make french fries at home you can't eat a whole bag so you put the remainder back in the freezer.  But no matter how tight you seal that thing it always gets freezer burn.  Then when you pull the fries out again to cook the rest they're all covered in ice and slightly discolored.  And you know they're still good and all...quite edible...but no matter how long you cook them (or in what way you do so) they're just going to be a little off in taste and of soggy consistency.

Well, Zach is a freezer-burned french fry.

Some folks will say, "What's the matter with you?  Those fries are still good!  Would you rather be eating Brussels Sprouts?"  And they're right.  But other folks will say, "Yes, but if you really want the highest quality dining experience you can't find it there.  You can bake it until it's burnt and smoke comes out but that fry's always gonna be a little off."  And they're right too.

And that's where we are.

That was my big epiphany.  You can go back to figuring out how to trade Jamaal, Juan, and a second-rounder for KG now.

--Dave (