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February Jersey Contest: Game 4 Predictions

I know the Charlotte game isn't until tomorrow, but it's an early start (4:00 Pacific) and I want to make sure everybody (hello, DrawingJeremy) has a chance to get their predictions in.  So I'm starting the prediction post today and it will be open until gametime tomorrow.  And yes, I will be chatting again for all of you in front of a TV and computer simultaneously at 4:00.  For those of you stuck at work, it's a great way to follow the game.

Just copy the form below into the comment section of this post and fill out the missing numbers to enter the contest.  Don't forget you can double down on one game this month, doubling your score, but you also have to skip one game by the end of the month to do that.  Choose a game you're dead sure about and use your double!  Putting "Double Down" at the bottom of your post will do it.

Game 4 Prediction Form
Final Score  Blazers   Bobcats
Bonus Question:  Will Brandon Roy score five points more than Adam Morrison does, yes or no?
Stat Predictions:
Lamarcus Aldridge's Points--
Travis Outlaw's Steals--
Total Blazer Blocks--
Total Blazer Free Throw Attempts--

Good luck all!

--Dave (