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Discussion: Most Controversial Blazer Ever?

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It hasn't escaped my noticed that every post, diary, or even passing mention of Zach Randolph elicits 50 or more comments immediately.  For this reason alone I should hope he's a Blazer forever!  Love him or hate him or anywhere in between, he's obviously a figure of intense controversy.  

But that got me Zach the most controversial Blazer ever?  I was coming up with my list and it's actually pretty long.  But instead of writing all that out I thought I'd ask you.

--Who are some of the controversial Blazers you remember (and what were they controversial for if they're past the point that everyone would remember easily)?

--Is Zach the most controversial Blazer ever?  Who's on your top three list?

Keep in mind that being controversial is not necessarily a bad fact most of the players who are controversial are also very talented.

I'm interested to see what people think on this one.

--Dave (