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T-Shirt Final Design

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OK...I've read all the comments and received many more suggestions than I can actually use at this point!  Thanks for the wonderful enthusiasm.  We're going to make this thing happen!

I loved all of the design suggestions I got.  I think what we'll do is run a new batch of shirts every 4-6 months or so (once or twice a season, depending on demand) so we'll be able to incorporate most of them eventually.  

Several people sent in designs with the word "Blazer" as part of them and I have to check on the legalities of using that term.  I know it's part of our site name but it's usually stated as one, continuous word, "Blazersedge", not used separately.  So if you buy one of our shirts you're buying a BlazersEDGE shirt, not a Blazers shirt...and more importantly nobody could argue that if you were shopping for a Blazers shirt one of ours could substitute (and thus potentially be taking business away from them).  Therefore those designs, including Damir's excellent submission, will have to wait for another day.

In general what I picked up from most of you is:

--keep it simple
--highlight the site name
--add a little quirk (or "edge" if you will)

Following those guidelines I came up with a new shirt that is an amalgam of about three people's ideas with a little polishing thrown in.  It's simple, meets my price guidelines, and unless everybody screams no, we're going to go with it for now.

Final Shirt Design (revised for the last time)

I like the front part because it really kind of applies to the team, but also captures some of the Portland fan spirit, and can also in a way refer to this site.  After all, we don't have the same kind of inside information and access as some others, we don't have glitzy graphics and pictures, we don't use shock tactics to get hits, we write in complete sentences and paragraphs and go well beyond the stereotypical 30-second attention span limit, and we cover a small-market team that is not winning a lot of games.  Conventional wisdom (and plenty of experts) would say we shouldn't last more than three months.  Yet by the best information I can currently come by we are now the 12th most popular blog on this network, which includes sites for every MLB team, most NFL teams, tons of college programs, and some others.  If for some reason our growth completely stalls at this point that still means conservatively we will have amassed 1.2 million page views by this time next year.  And that's a conservative estimate.  So I guess the "Us" must be doing something right.  (And by the way, that's not a royal "us".  1.2-1.5 million page views means a lot of people are reading your diaries and comments, since the main page only counts as one view per visit.)

The back part has the site name prominently placed and a short (somewhat cliche) slogan.  We'll have a proper slogan contest before we do the next t-shirts next season.

So anyway, here's the plan:  I'm going to order between 40 and 50 shirts, this style only.  I am also going to try and make our more quirky but less mass-appealing shirts (like the Sergio and KP) available through Cafepress where they can be purchased individually, so don't give up hope on those.

Once I order and have a delivery date confirmed I will tell you how you can get your very own, first edition (first ever!) Blazersedge t-shirt and make yourself a part of cult fan history.

I do need this from you now:  Double-XL, Triple-XL, and Quad-XL shirts are pretty much specialty items and I will only order them in exact quantites needed.  So if you need one of those sizes I need you to e-mail me before tomorrow afternoon and I will reserve one for you.  If you need standard sizes don't worry, I've got you covered.

Thanks again for all the support on this, and I look forward to getting those shirts to you so you can give each other knowing nods and high-fives all over the Rose Garden!

--Dave (