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So...what are you wearing?

OK's been a dream of mine for a while to offer some Blazersedge t-shirts.  All of this talk among you about how to identify each other at games has only made this urge worse, so I've come up with ideas for three Blazer-related themes on the shirts that would be distinctive and pretty cool (without violating anybody's copyrights).

So far I've done some shopping and mapped out the designs.  I've done what I could to cut costs because I can't see people forking over $20 for a single t-shirt no matter how cool it is.  I want to offer the shirts basically at cost, so there's no real profit to me and you get them as cheap as possible.  It looks like, including shipping to you, that's going to run between $12 and $15 per shirt.

So here's the question...if shirts were available, would you buy one?  (Or even one of each design?)  I'm especially keen to hear from those of you who actually go to games or at least live in Portland.  Since I'm not making any money off of them the main purpose would be to have people see you in that shirt and go, "There's a Wow!"  (Of course I'd sell to out of towners too but if that's all there is it becomes a more daunting proposition.)

Please be honest in your responses.  The scary part of all this is that for even a small run of shirts it looks like it's going to cost around $700.  I have to lay that money up front.  If you all say, "Yeah!  Cool!" and then nobody buys one I'm a dead man as soon as the next Visa bill comes and this blog will be taken over by Fatty.  (I understand his plan is to have one, continuous, never-ending post with no punctuation.  Enjoy!)

If you are interested in a shirt (or three) it would be helpful if you put your preferred size in your comment too so I can kind of gauge that.

Let me know.

--Dave (