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Prospective T-Shirt Designs

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OK are three possible ideas for t-shirt designs.  Anything we do would turn out pretty close to this.

Things to remember:

--We cannot use likenesses, offical logos, or anything like that.

--I am not an artist.  Much like the blog, we have to make our impact with words more than images.

--The shirts are much less costly if you only do one color per side.  Two is about the max, but even that bumps the cost up.  To keep costs low I tried to keep it simple.

Shirt #1:  This is just a basic, black tee with the site name on the front and a slogan and site name on the back.  For those who want something understated but still affiliated with the site.

Click here for Shirt #1.

Shirt #2:  This shirt pumps up everybody's favorite point guard and our unique nicknames for him.

Click here for Shirt #2.

Click here for a less complicated alternative...Shirt #2a.

Shirt #3:  This is my personal favorite, for discriminating fans who want to celebrate our brilliant, young front office guy. I really, really want somebody wearing this shirt to walk right by Paul Allen.

Click here for Shirt #3.

Let me know which one(s) you'd be most interested in.  The price all depends on quantity ordered.

--Dave (