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February Jersey Contest: Game 3

Time for predictions again.  I'm sure Phoenix Dan will be watching this game with interest.  He's in 6th place right now, you know.  Not bad and certainly too close for comfort.

To enter simply copy the form below into the comment section of this post and fill in the numbers/answers.  You need to have your forms submitted by gametime in order to count.

Remember you can win with scores of 22 or 100.

Remember also you can Double Down in one game this month, doubling your total score for that outing.  You must skip another game to do that, so plan ahead.  Some have missed a game already, and if you haven't entered at all yet this month you've missed two, so get started! (And don't forget to use your Double Down sometime.)  To use the DD, simply put "Double Down" at the end of your form.

--Dave (

Game 3 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers    Suns
Bonus Question:  Which will be higher at the half, the Blazer SCORE or the Suns' SHOOTING PERCENTAGE?
Statistical Predictions:
Juan Dixon's Points--
Blazer Rookie Rebounds--
Travis Outlaw's Minutes--
Blazer Assists--