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February Jersey Contest: Final Game all comes down to this.  We easily have a half dozen people within striking distance of the lead and the jersey.  Our top two are separated by four points.  And we have a possible Cinderella story in the making with Lily, who at 400 points is a seemingly insurmountable 111 points off the lead, BUT she has her double left.  If she were to get, say, a 90 in this game (which she has already done once this month) that would put her at 580 and put a ton of pressure on the current leaders.  And they can't play her because they have to worry about everybody else crawling down their backs.  This is going to be some finish.

You know how it works.  Paste the form below into the comment section of this post and fill in the relevant numbers.  If you look at the last scoreboard, those who have a big "X" after their name with no "D" have a double coming.  I will try to remember to give it automatically but if that's you it would help if you remind me in your prediction post.  Those with a "D" but no "X" have to skip this game.

Game 11 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers   Sonics
Bonus Question:  Who will score the first Blazer field goal in the FOURTH QUARTER?
Statistical Predictions:
Jarrett Jack's Points--
Sergio Rodriguez' Assists--
Freddie Jones' Shot Attempts--
Total Blazer Three Pointers MADE--

Good luck to everybody!  I'm almost as excited about seeing this finish as I am about the game.

--Dave (