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Love Nate? Or...

I guess I've read one too many reactionary posts about Nate around the web, because I'm really kind of fed up with it.

In my mind Nate is doing a very good job under very trying circumstances.  Until this year his star player was on incredibly shaky ground both on and off the court.  Nate has coaxed the best year out of him he's ever had.  Three rookies and one and a half second year guys (Martell is only half in the rotation) make up a significant part of his lineup, which ALWAYS spells trouble.  His starting center has been MIA or flat out DOA much of the season.  His backup center has been up and down and dissatisfied.  His backup-backup center is one of those rookies and the backup to that guy is chronically injured.  Nobody had even heard of his starting small forward before the season started and the backup there is Travis Outlaw, who rates a 9.5 on the Coaching Heart-Attack scale.  And 95% of these players don't have great defensive skills.  This is SUCH a recipe for disaster.

In the midst of all of this Nate has remained (publicly) calm while not compromising his principles.  He has brought us to more victories than we've had in a while.  Everybody and their uncle thinks this team is trending upwards.

Of course everybody wants to know the answer to the Przybilla question and every fan has the right to backseat coach a little bit, but with all of this going on PLUS enthusastic votes of approval from everyone who knows or works with him, how can people argue that Nate is doing poorly?  I just don't get it.

I figure you guys are pretty smart folks.  What do you think?

--Dave (