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Sunday Question

We're sure to be discussing this for weeks on end leading up to the draft, so let's start now.

The prevailing sentiment is that we're heading towards being a playoff team, maybe eventually towards being better than "just" a playoff team, but we're not quite there yet.  Everyone from columnist Brian Meehan (I'd like to link him but the connection to the article at O-Live is broken) to Coach McMillan has said at one time or another that we need another piece or two.  So what's missing?

If you could add ONE player to this current team, what position would he play and what qualities would he have?

Don't worry about how we'd get him (trades, draft position, or the like) and don't even worry about picking a specific, real life player.  Just give us a position and whatever attributes you think we need.  Be as detailed as you wish on the latter part.

Also of interest: How talented do you think the guy has to be? Obviously more is always better but do you think we need a superstar-level piece or have we already got those (or some in the making)?

--Dave (