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Since the February Jersey Contest ends Monday this seems like a good time to talk about the next (and final) one of the season...the March/April Playoff Edition of the Jersey Contest!

This is how it works:

--The basic prediction format and point system will remain the same EXCEPT there will be no doubles of any kind.

--The contest will be open to all players for the first nine games in March, in other words through the March 20th game against Washington.

--After the Washington game the top twelve point scorers from the first nine games will go on to the PLAYOFFS, along with the four people who have already proven themselves great predictors by winning jerseys.  In case you have forgotten those are:

Whoever this month's winner will be

This will make 16 people total in the playoffs.

--For the playoffs ALL SCORES ARE WIPED CLEAN AFTER EVERY GAME.  There are no accumulated points!  The lowest scorer after each game is eliminated and everybody starts on equal ground for the next game.  We'll go from 16 to 15 then from 15 to 14 and so on until only one person is left standing.

--Since this is the biggest contest of the year the prize will be BIGGER than the normal jersey!  More importantly the winner will be crowned Blazersedge Predicting Champ of 2006-07.

--Side notes to head off inevitable questions:

  1.  Before the playoffs begin I will confirm with each participant that they can do the whole thing, since missing a game is automatic elimination.  If they can't then the next highest point scorer from the first portion of the contest will be invited.
  2.  As we come down to only a few players at the end I will have people submit predictions by e-mail and post them myself to avoid the "I want to post last!" syndrome.
  3.  The 22 and 100 point bonus prizes will still be in effect for the first part of the contest but not in the playoffs.
So come one and all and sharpen your prediction skills!  This is your big chance to head out of the season in style!

--Dave (