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February Jersey Contest Game 10 it comes down to this.  Two games to separate about a dozen people plus assorted hangers-on for the big prize.

Before we give you the form, let's clear up the doubling situation.

The following people must skip one of the next two games, as they have used their double without missing a game:


Which of the two games you skip is up to you but if you submit a score for tonight's game you will get your "X" for Monday's Seattle game automatically.

A substantial part of the field has an "X" without having used a double.  If you're unsure if that's you just scroll down to the bottom of the page and look by your name.  If there's an "X" but no "D" after your scores you have a Double Down coming.  If you don't use it tonight I will automatically assume you want to use it for Seattle as long as I remember while scoring.  The safest route is just to explicitly use it for one game or the other.

If you have both a "D" and an "X" you have already doubled and skipped and must play both games normally.

However if you have neither a "D" or an "X" you have an interesting strategic choice before you.  You are free to play both games regularly, which lessens your chance of disaster (even if you botch one chances are it will average out) but then to move ahead you must predict well on both.  On the other hand if you think you've got a lock you can choose to double one and skip the other.  If you got 65 or above on the one you doubled it would be a great move. (And we've already seen a couple 140-160 point doubles this week.) Then again if you blew it that would be the end of you because you'd be taking an "X" on the other game automatically.

Have fun playing it out.

As always, just copy the form below into the comment section of this post and fill out the relevant numbers/answers to enter.  Scores of 22 or 100 win prizes instantly.

Game 10 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers  Grizzlies
Bonus Question:  Who scores more, RANDOLPH and JACK or GASOL and MILLER?
Statistical Predictions:
Brandon Roy's Points--
Jamaal Magloire's Rebounds--
Sergio Rodriguez's Minutes--
Blazer Field Goal Percentage (round to a whole number)--

Good luck everyone!

--Dave (