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Toronto Trade Reaction

This reaction from our good friend Ryan McNeill who is the guru of all things Raptors at

I think that Fred Jones has the potential to be a good fit on the Blazers but it's tough to say because I don't have a strong feel for him. He looked like a great signing during training camp and I drafted him in a couple fantasy hoops leagues because I thought he might be someone who could post 12-15 points, 3-4 dimes and 4-5 boards off the bench. However, it only took 10 games for him to lose his starting spot and his confidence. From what I can tell Jones fell in love with the three and got away from the aggressive style of play he was showing in training camp when he was attacking the rim with reckless abandon. Injuries have also served to thwart his confidence levels.

I would assume that Fred's excited about heading home because he played his college ball for Oregon and he loves the area, however I'm not sure what kind of role Freddie will have with the Blazers. He'll be fighting for playing time behind Ime Udoka, Travis Outlaw, Brandon Roy and Martell Webster and I don't see how he'll get significant minutes with those players ahead of him in the pecking order. He failed to distinguish himself here in Toronto and I don't see how he'll be able to pry away minutes from youngsters that Portland's building around (much like how Joey Graham ate into his minutes here in Toronto).

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