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February Jersey Contest: Game 9

As is the norm with back-to-back games the scoreboard won't be posted until after tonight's game.  Remember if you already doubled you can't do so again and if you do double at any time you must also skip one game during the month.

Just copy and paste the form below into the comment section of this post to enter.  Scores of 22 and 100 always win prizes, the latter an instant jersey!

Game 9 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers   Lakers
Bonus Question:  Who will have more assists, Kobe or Brandon Roy?
Statistical Predictions:
Travis Outlaw's Points--
Lamarcus Aldridge's Rebounds--
Joel Przybilla's Blocks--
Total Blazer Steals--

Good luck to all!

--Dave (

Update: There was some confusion as to what happens if a question or category is rendered invalid because of injury, as happened with the Bonus Question in the Utah game because of Deron Williams not playing. In that case that prediction line is considered void. If it's the Bonus Question everybody gets an automatic 20 points (no loss or gain for anyone no matter which way they answered). In the case of a statistical prediction that line would simply not be counted for anyone. The only change is that this renders the 22 and 100 bonus prizes invalid for that game.

In the case of a tie in a Bonus Question (for instance in this game if Kobe and Brandon tie in assists) then either answer is considered correct, everybody gets the 20 points, and the individual prize awards are still active.