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February Jersey Contest: Game 8

This is game 8 of 11 and it's moving time for those who are going to move!

As always, just copy the form below into the comment section of this post to enter.

Those of you who have an "X" on the scoreboard without a "D" need to plan which of these last four games you're going to Double Down on.  Those who have a "D" without an "X" need to plan which game you're going to skip.  If you have neither you can either play all four games straight or make your choices also.

As with every game a (relatively poor) score of 22 gets you a prize and a perfect score of 100 wins you a jersey instantly.

Game 8 Prediction Form
Final Score:   Blazers   Jazz
Bonus Question:  Who will score more, Brandon Roy or Deron Williams?
Statistical Predictions:
Zach Randolph's Points--
Brandon Roy's Free Throw Attempts--
Martell Webster's Shot Attempts--
Total Blazer Assists--

Good luck everyone!

--Dave (