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February Jersey Contest Game 1

There are two prediction threads today.  This one is for the FRIDAY game against the NUGGETS.

Welcome to the February Jersey Contest!  Everyone starts at zero points and the person with the most total points at the end of the month recieves a replica jersey courtesy of BlazersEdge and BestWheel (ad to your left).

Entering is simple.  Just copy the form below into the comment section of this thread, fill out all the numbers, and you're in.

You get 30 points for correctly predicting the winner, 20 points for the bonus question, and up to 50 more depending on how close your scores and stat predictions are.

If you end up with a final score of 22 for an individual game you win a bonus prize in honor of the original #22, Clyde Drexler.  This month it's a McFarlane Series 2 Clyde Action Figure.  (They're nice...I have one myself.)  If you register a perfect prediction (100 score) you win a jersey on the spot!

Remember this month you can Double Down once during the contest.  Just put "Double Down" after your entry and your score for that game will be doubled.  If you choose to Double Down you also have to skip a game somewhere else, so double on a game you're sure of and skip a game you're shaky on.  Doubling can also make up points in case you have to miss a game.

Also remember that this month you are fighting against Dan from BrightSideoftheSun.  If he wins he gets a Suns Jersey. (YUCK!)  But for every person that beats him he'll write one nice sentence about the Blazers.

So here it is, the Game 1 prediction form!  Good luck!

Final Score:  Blazers  Nuggets
Bonus Question:  Who will be the first Blazer off the bench?
Statistical Predictions:
Brandon Roy's Points--
Zach's Rebounds--
Total Blazer Turnovers--
Total Blazer Offensive Rebounds--

--Dave (