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Post All-Star Prediction Thread

OK, so here's the million dollar question for Sunday/Monday, folks.  

What's the rest of the season going to look like?

You can talk about any aspect you want.  I assume winning and losing will be part of the discussion but if you want to talk trades (assuming you think they'll happen in the next couple days), inidividual development/performance, or even off the wall predictions about things that nobody has thought of yet, go right ahead.  There are no rules.

I'll start the ball rolling.

As far as wins and losses I fear we won't do as well in the last couple months of the season as we did up until now.  I've seen some nice individual efforts and some scrappy play overall but I haven't seen the consistency in style of play that most of the good teams will have developed by now.  Our performance game to game seems random...even quarter to quarter sometimes.  Most other teams have gelled and focused and the ones looking for playoff seeds will be out for blood during the stretch run.  I don't think we'll completely fall apart like we did last year, but I anticipate a difficult finish.

I'd be surprised if there are any trades fans would consider significant.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Dixon go, maybe with a throw-in, but if that happens the player(s) we get in return won't be anything like the names popularly discussed.  A Magloire trade would obviously have to bring in more talent (as the contract is larger and there's no point in trading him for another expiring contract) which is why I agree with most experts at this point that it won't get done.  It sounds like a buyout is a real possibility.  Both those moves would free more time for Martell, Sergio, and Lamarcus.

What do you think we'll see as 2006-07 comes to an end?

--Dave (