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Friday Night Ugliness

Well, I watched most of the first half of the rookie/sophomore game.  Didn't figure I needed to watch the second half.  Look folks, this wasn't Brandon's kind of game.  He's not particularly selfish or a shot-hog (which helps in this type of game) but he does play much better with the ball in his hands (which doesn't unless you're the primary point guard).  Frankly the first thing I thought when I saw his posture, play, and effectiveness was, "Tonight the part of Martell Webster will be played by Brandon Roy..."  And that's the kind of night it was for him.  That's not meant to be a slam on Martell or Brandon (mostly) just that he was hanging around the perimeter with his hands down looking almost like he was avoiding the ball.  That's exactly how Martell acts every time he feels lost and nobody's really looking to get him the ball or to help him do what he does best.

Also, as Mike Barrett reminded us the other day, don't forget Roy was playing with one hand and his first duty was to make sure his injury didn't get worse.

That's OK though...this means nothing.  The whole thing is silly...silly...silly.  So is the main game really.  The only part that's even semi-intriguing is the contests.  Maybe.

This is why I have almost no interest in watching the proceedings over the weekend:  I like basketball.  Don't get me wrong, I like basketball players and personalities too, but I like them because they play BASKETBALL.  The stuff out there isn't basketball.  So there's little reason to watch or to be very interested in the players, at least from my point of view.

Having said that...the one guy who really belonged in that game like a duck belongs in water is SERGIO.  Had they put the ball in his hands he would have delighted a lot of people (including his teammates).  Maybe next year he'll have enough cred to get selected.

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