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Ten Words or Less: Trustworthy?

Ken brought up a very interesting point in his diary to the right about Zach's recent play.  I'm distilling his thesis into a short question and asking you to answer.  I know we just did a "10 Words" yesterday but I specifically want short replies to this one, and hopefully lots of them.  I'll pose it again in longer format someday but we've already had about 600 pages of discussion on Zach in the diaries in the last week and in my judgment the thread is less likely to go off track if it's in a "Ten Words" format.

So here's the question:

Zach Randolph has had done great things this season, but there have also been a couple not-great things and even some erratic moments.  Given what you've seen, do you trust Zach Randolph?  Yes or no, why or why not?

It's built in to the question that your expectations of him will influence your answer.  That's fine, just go for it.

Note that we are not, not, NOT asking whether Zach is a good player or not.  Please don't spend any words on that.

Also it's fair to consider off-court stuff but please don't use inflammatory words like "rapist"...just for this one thread, OK?

Do your best.  A "yes" or "no" in the subject line and ten words or less on why.

Much like Ted Nugent at a vegan convention, anyone who uses 11 words or more will be roundly booed.

--Dave (