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(Belated) GameDay Open Thread: Rookie/Soph

Chat here about Roy's appearance if you wish.  Samuel started a thread in a diary but asked me to move it to the main page.  Here are the comments so far:

Roy sporting a head band
I wonder if Mo Cheeks has anything to say about it.

Meanwhile, the Rooks are getting smoked as Randy Foye hogs the ball.  I'm surprised he's even starting.

- Sam

All you need to know about this
is that Dick Stockton has mis-identified Brandon Roy twice, first calling him Randy Foye and the second time calling him Rudy Gay.  He has mentioned his correct name two times, meaning he's .500 for even knowing who our guy is.

Welcome to your Trailblazer All-Star experience.


Roy subbed out 0/2 on a missed tip and an errant J, not particularly involved offensively. - Sam -------------


Sam also has a nice pic in that diary.