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GAMEDAY OPEN THREAD: Blazers vs. Magic

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Do we have any chance?  Will you be watching?  I'll be here with bells on.  Join us for the early game or catch up with it here from work, class, that boring old Valentine's Day dinner...

ALSO...the T-Shirts are MORE than HALF GONE.  If you want one, e-mail me soon.  It's $14 per shirt and that includes all shipping (in USA).  I'm not making a dime off of's just a chance for you to look cool and to advertise the site.

As an aside, Scott e-mailed and asked why in the world I wasn't adding a couple dollars for myself into the price of each shirt.  I thought for a while and my reply was simple.  50 shirts times $2 equals $100.  If you divide $100 by the number of hours I put into this blog you're going to come out with something on the order of 2 cents an hour.  I guess in the end I'd rather be known as that really nice guy who sells shirts at cost than the dummy who blogs for 2 cents an hour.

--Dave (