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Kevin Pritchard's Suggestion Box

We have a triple main event lineup this morning.  The official announcement of Blazersedge T-Shirts on sale is the first.  That's two posts below this one.  The second is community reflections on yesterday's game and what it might mean.  That's right below.  And then there's this...

One of the things that Kevin Pritchard said in the Thursday O-Live chat last week (recap here) is that he stops by websites to gauge the community response to various things.  He mentioned specifically that he often reads trade suggestions.  Well...on the off chance KP stops by here sometime today to see how we're all buzzing about Agent 3 (for 15) and how we stuck it to him I thought we should fill up his suggestion box with delightful trade possibilities.

For the most part we're not going to be too concerned about realism.  Just give a trade you think would make the team better.  Even so there are a few rules, so as to avoid complete time-wasting:

  1.  The trade must work under salary cap rules.  Here are a couple of trade checkers to make yours official.'s Trade Machine

    RealGM's Trade Checker

    And here's an easily-sorted, mostly accurate list of salaries for every NBA team from HoopsHype.

  2.  You can only have ONE major player from any given team, not two.  (In other words Josh Howard OR Jason Terry, not both.)  Exception:  If one or more of those players have been rumored to be available (e.g. the New Jersey guys) and you are willing to offer a couple of our major players in return, knock yourself out. Oh, and you can have any Knicks you want in any amount. Isiah will thank you.
  3.  You must leave each team the same number of players it started with plus or minus one.  You can do 3-2 deals or 2-1 but not 5-2 or 3-1.  (Otherwise everybody's just going to take our six worst players and combine their salaries for an all-star.)
  4.  You can use draft picks, but try to be sensible.  A 2nd-round pick doesn't improve your position much.  Any first round pick this year, let alone a lottery pick, doesn't come cheap!
  5.  Multi-team deals are fine as long as they follow the rules above.
  6.  You absolutely CANNOT use any of the following players in any trade:

    Darius Miles
    LeBron James
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Carmelo Anthony
    Yao Ming
    Tracy McGrady
    Kobe Bryant
    Dwyane Wade
    Michael Redd
    Kevin Garnett
    Chris Paul
    Dwight Howard
    Amare Stoudemire
    Steve Nash
    Tim Duncan
    Tony Parker
    Ray Allen
    Chris Bosh
    Fauxstradamus (a.k.a The Oathbreaker or Forty-One Short)
    Caron Butler
    Anyone still on a cheap rookie contract unless you give one of ours in return.

  7.  Please type out your trade in the comment post instead of just linking so we don't have to click back and forth all day.  Also give us some idea of what we're gaining by the move (and maybe why what we're losing isn't so bad.)
What can you come up with?  One trade, under these guidelines, to make us a better team.  Who knows if it will lead to the next Kevin Pritchard/Steve Patterson master stroke!

--Dave (