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I am happy to officially announce that T-Shirts are now available.  The design is here if you didn't see it last week:

Blazersedge T-Shirt Design

The final cost to you, including all shipping (provided it's domestic), is $14 per shirt.  This was absolutely as low as I could get it. I am not making a dime on these shirts...I'm doing this for the love of the site and because I think it will be cool for the readers, especially those of you who will head to the Rose Garden, see these puppies, and get to wave to each other.

There will be a chance to buy more specialized shirts (like the KP and Sergio ones we showed) individually in the near future.  We will also sell a different shirt sometime next season.  (We'll have a reader design contest for that one.)  But this is the FIRST EVER OFFICIAL SHIRT and if you have one of these you can say YOU got a first-year model!  Maybe someday you can look back and say, "I was there when it was still a cool little cult-ish thing!"  LOL.

Supplies are limited.  And I'm not saying that to get them to sell, but because it's true.  I have to order them in large quantities (50 or so) to get a decent price and I can't re-order except in those quantites, so what I have is what I have.  This is especially true of sizes other than Large and XL.

To find out how to get your shirt, e-mail me at the address below. When you write, tell me what size you want and how many.  If you have already reserved a plus-sized shirt via e-mail you don't have to e-mail me again, I'll get you the info today.

--Dave (