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What's in a Name?

You know we love reader participation here at Blazersedge, so in honor of Gilbert Arenas' spectacular showing in the game today we're going to let you help choose a brand new nickname for him.  We wouldn't normally do this but you can't be the most talked about player in the universe, make a promise like that, and then come in the third leading scorer on your own team, tied with Donell Taylor...who played SIX MINUTES.

You can vote in the comment section if you wish or add your own.  (Keep them clean!)

The choices are:

Agent 3 (for 15)

Captain Single Digit

The Scoreless Wonder

The Twenty Percent Kid

Neville Longbottom (Whom Harry Potter fans recognize as the only Wizard in the whole damn bunch who can't do anything)

The Oathbreaker

Forty-One Short


Gilbert "Really Stinking Up The" Arenas

--Dave (