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GAMEDAY OPEN THREAD: Blazers vs. Wizards

I don't guess the clamoring will be great this morning, what with the game so early and not on TV, but just in case anybody following on the web or radio wants to put in two cents about Agent Zero and his Quest for Fifty, here's the Gameday Open Thread.

Mike Barrett, by the way, explained in his blog why this game isn't televised anywhere.  ABC has exclusive rights to all Sunday afternoon games so they can choose between the ones they want.  Now why...WHY in the world you would schedule the worst team in the league (at the times the schedules were made)--and a team from an obscure market to boot--into that time slot when you KNOW the network would never pick up that game in a billion, quadrillion, Jarrett-Jack's-free-throw-percentage-times-infinity years is beyond me.  Would it have killed you to play the game at 7:00 Eastern?

--Dave (