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February Jersey Contest: Game 5

Register your predictions for the ongoing contest!

Things to remember:

--Just copy the form below into the comment section of this post to enter.

--You get 30 points for predicting the winner correctly, 20 for getting the bonus question right, and up to 50 for statistical accuracy.

--You can Double Down once during the month.  Just put the words "Double Down" at the end of your prediction and your entire score for that game gets doubled.  If you do this you must skip at least one game during the month (which many have already done).  Plan accordingly if you want to use this feature.

--Even if you're behind you can win a special prize for getting a score of exactly 22 and you win a jersey immediately for a perfect prediction form.

--Deadline for entries is 10:00 Pacific Sunday morning.

Game 5 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers  Wizards
The Only Bonus Question There Could Be:  Will Gilbert Arenas make good on his threat and drop 50+ on the Blazers?  Yes or No:
Statistical Predictions:
Zach's Points--
Roy's Assists--
Ime's Personal Fouls--
Blazer Three Pointers MADE--

Good luck all!

--Dave (