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December Jersey Contest Game 3

Here is the form for Game 3 of the Jersey Contest.  As always just copy the form into the comment section of this post to enter.

Remember everyone must skip one potential entry each month.  Part of the strategy is figuring out which game (i.e. which set of questions) will yield the least total points, and is thus the best to skip.

Game 3 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers   Bucks
Question 1:  Who scores more, the combination of REDD+BOGUT or the combination of ALDRIDGE+ROY?
Question 2:  Which team gets more assists, the BUCKS or BLAZERS?
Question 3:  Who gets more combined points+rebounds+assists, YI JIANLIAN or TRAVIS OUTLAW?
Question 4:  Which Blazer collects the final personal foul of the game?

Best of luck to everyone!

--Dave (