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The Oregonian and O-Live have a couple of stories this morning.

There's this one about the return of Darius Miles.  This is great because, you know, we have four point guards so we couldn't do without a fifth small forward to play alongside our one center and one shooting guard.

Also there's this article about new features of national NBA broadcasts, the biggest of which are cordless mics in the huddles and potentially cameras in the locker rooms.  I would advise caution and not just for the obvious reasons.  When push comes to shove you want a little filter between your team and yourself as a fan.  You don't want to know every thought or word they say.  It's the same with your doctor and your pastor too, for different reasons.  In the end, provided it's not either completely bland or completely TMI I bet it just turns out to be more fodder for wild speculation and criticism.

Brian Hendrickson gives us his take on Miles.

Mike Barrett gives us the skinny on the Heat plus some Courtside interviews.

And by the way, I could go crazy citing him every day, multiple times, but if you haven't checked out all the things Henry Abbott has been doing with Truehoop in the last few weeks, what are you waiting for?  Player interviews, agent talks, sit-downs with usual while the rest of us are playing with toy building blocks Henry is performing Cirque de Soleil.

(I understand he's plenty cute in a leotard as well.)

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