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December Jersey Contest Game 10

Here's the form for Game 10, the last December game that will be open to all comers.  The final contest against Utah will be open only to leaders.  If you are a leader make sure you check in Monday to enter.

If you have not yet taken an "X" this month you must do it during THIS game (not Monday's).

Game 10 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers  Sixers
Question 1:  Who shoots a higher three-point percentage, KYLE KORVER, LOUIS WILLIAMS, MARTELL WEBSTER, or JAMES JONES?
Question 2:  Who makes more turnovers, ANDRE MILLER or JARRETT JACK?
Question 3:  Who is the game's leading scorer (either team)?
Question 4:  Which team will attempt more free throws, the BLAZERS or SIXERS?

Best of luck to everyone!

Note: As Blazerhopeful has pointed out in his diary to the right Kyle Korver has been traded to the Jazz. I wouldn't advise picking him.

--Dave (