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December Jersey Contest Game 9

The streak is alive and we had a wonderful Christmas but there's still unfinished business around here.  Somebody is going to walk away with a brand new jersey within the next week.

This is the form for Game 9 vs. Minnesota.  We will also have a form for the Philadelphia game on Sunday.  Anyone who does not already have an "X" will have to skip one of those two games.  If you don't have an "X" and you submit a form for this game you will automatically miss Sunday's.

After Sunday the folks who still have a shot at winning will be eligible to enter the final game of the month Monday night at Utah.  Be prepared to enter on Monday if you're a contender.

Game 9 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers   Timberwolves
Question 1:  Who will get more assists, SEBASTIAN TELFAIR or BRANDON ROY?
Question 2:  Will the teams combine for OVER or UNDER 29.5 turnovers?
Question 3:  Which player (could be from either team) will attempt the most three-pointers?
Question 4:  Which Blazer will DRAW the first personal foul of the fourth quarter?  (In other words get fouled by the `Wolves...)

Good luck!

--Dave (