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Christmas List

Each year we come up with a list of Christmas gifts/wishes for the Blazers.  Here are mine.  You can add your own in the comment section if you want.

To Brandon Roy:  An All-Star berth this year

To Martell Webster:  7 rebounds a game

To Joel Przybilla:  A box full of passes to his hands instead of his feet

To Lamarcus Aldridge:  A practical gift:  one bankable back-to-the basket move

To Steve Blake:  Fans who see what he does for the team

To Jarrett Jack:  Open lanes and willing whistles

To James Jones:  An entire season like his last three weeks

To Travis Outlaw:   New rules declaring every quarter the fourth quarter

To Sergio Rodriguez:  Boxers with his likeness, sold to Portland fans, from which he gets royalties

To Raef LaFrentz:  12 good minutes a night and the chance to finish his career in the playoffs

To Channing Frye:  82 games per year against the Denver Nuggets

To Taurean Green:  To be put in a good situation where he can make a difference

To Josh McRoberts:  Quick-growing hair followed by a date with a better reality star

To Darius Miles: The chance to dunk one more time

To Greg Oden:  No more injuries, ever

To Nate McMillan:  A stocking overflowing with patience from fans

To Kevin Pritchard:  A little time to enjoy all this before the expectations get even higher

To Mike Barrett:  Meaningful games to call and write about late into spring

To Mike Rice:  Fantastic halftime snacks in every arena

Merry Christmas all!

--Dave (