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Five Questions: Jarrett Jack

The eyewitness game report is on the way, but while we're waiting here's a new feature we're debuting called "Five Questions".  Basically we sit down with a player and ask them five things that are on our mind.  Could be about the game, the team, or just about anything.

Tonight Ben sat down with Jarrett Jack.

Blazersedge:  Talk about the atmosphere here tonight and the general feeling in the city during this win streak.

Man, the fans, they're here, they're loud, and they're into the game.  What more could you ask for?  [When it was draft time], I said I wanted to go to a team where we are taken seriously.  This is it.  I don't know how Coach is gonna call plays on Tuesday, it's gonna be crazy.

Blazersedge:  It's been 22 years since the Blazers have played a home game in Portland on Christmas.  When's the last time you played on Christmas?

It's been a while, but it's a family tradition to watch the Christmas NBA games, everybody's watching... Normally, I go outside and play football on Christmas.

Blazersedge:  Talk about the last offensive sequence tonight.  Were you looking to take those free throws knowing that they were going to foul?  How good did it feel to knock them down? In those situations, with such limited time, do you have a play drawn up or is just whoever can get open off the pressure defense is the one to step up and hit the shots?

We always have a play setup, but everyone is an option, no matter what.  The play wasn't drawn for me, but I gave Blake a look and I got it... I love being in that situation, I want to take those shots.  That's why we play. Of course it felt great to hit them but that wasn't the only thing that won the game tonight.  I mean look at Travis.

Blazersedge:  On the radio on the way over to the Garden tonight, I heard Mr. Pritchard say that he thinks you guys, and especially the young guys, which I believe includes you, have "bought into the system."  Tonight we saw many times you guys passing up a contested look to make the extra pass.  Is that part of buying into the system or is that just how you guys are?

Without question. We like seeing each other excel.  I'd rather make a great pass than a great shot, because that's how you win.  I think a lot of people feel that way in this [locker room]. It's happening right now.

Blazersedge:  Are you voting for Brandon for the All Star team?

Are you serious?  If you can't see what this man is doing then you don't know basketball.  He is an all star.

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