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The Misidentified Blazer

Mike e-mailed with visual evidence that has AGAIN misidentified Travis Outlaw, putting the wrong picture on their gamecast page:


He wondered what we could do about this chronic problem.  I mean, once or twice is funny but enough is enough.  Travis has been in the league five years now.  You ought to have some idea who he is.

My first thought was that Travis should go to ESPN headquarters and start punching the dot-com crew right in their collective noses.  After all, how could they prosecute him?  It's not like they could pick him out of a lineup.  But in the end that was too barbaric so I'll settle for asking a question:

Maybe some of the brilliant minds at the "Worldwide Leader in Sports" (tm) can tell us why they find it so difficult to get a simple name right.  It's not like we're identifying John Smith here.  And how about matching the correct picture to that name once in a while?  What kind of journalistic world do we live in when matching ONE of the two names makes a correct picture?

Here's a comprehensive list of everyone who writes for the NBA section of along with their identifying photographs.  If you see any of these guys on the street make sure to ask them.

Chris Broussard

Marc Stein

Henry Abbott

John Hollinger

Chris Sheridan

Bill Walton

J.A. Andade

Paul Shirley

David Thorpe

Ric Bucher

Bill Simmons

How about it guys?

--Dave (

P.S. Thanks to SupremePuntiff for the Bill Simmons tip.