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After a small delay caused by color augmentation this year's Blazersedge t-shirts are now in my hands!  And may I say they look very nice, especially the one we're giving away as a Jersey Contest prize, you lucky dogs!  The pictures do not do them justice by a long shot.

I have mailed shirts to everyone who pre-ordered them and/or has won one so far.  There are still several available for sale.  In case you've forgotten what they look like, here they are again:

The Standard...



The Oden...



Cost is $15 per shirt which includes shipping.  (It works out to between $11-12 dollars a shirt actual price, which is pretty good, no?)  I don't make a dime on them so take advantage of the deal.

I can accept check, money order, or PayPal, though the latter incurs a buck extra charge.  E-mail me at the address below to purchase.

--Dave (

I also have a very limited number of older-version shirts available which at this point I am willing to let go for a slightly reduced price.  Click through to see them.

I will sell the following for $13 each (which includes shipping).  As I said I already sell them at cost so this is a loss for me and is pretty much as low as I can reasonably go.

They are available only in the quantity and size listed.

The Roy-Bot  1-Large,  1-Extra Large

The Cult of KP  1-Large

The Original First-Edition BE Shirt  1-Large,  2-Extra Large