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December Jersey Contest: Game 1

It's time to start the Jersey Contest anew!  Everybody has a clean slate.  Who can equal the mastery that DJ and Blackeye have shown and walk away with a jersey this month?

T-shirts are back in play as bonus prizes but there will be a slight change.  Originally they were offered as an inducement for people to keep playing even when they had little chance to catch the leaders.  As such it seemed appropriate to award them to folks who got 22, since that was both Clyde's number and a relative failure.  It was a way to celebrate being a schlep!  That was all well and good when 40 people were playing regularly.  We'd give away 5-8 bonus prizes a month to woeful 22 folks.  But when 120 people are playing regularly there are too many schleps!  I'm going to run out of prizes.  So we're going to change the number slightly.  We're now going to make the target a mark of modest success while honoring two Blazers, one great from the past and one from the present.  The new target number is...52.  Buck Williams and Greg Oden will both be proud of you if you hit it, and you will win yourself a free t-shirt.

As always a perfect 100 score gets you a free jersey on the spot.

You enter by copying and pasting the following form into the comment section of this post and filling it out.  You cannot e-mail it.  You must be a registered reader to comment.

Game 1 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers  Grizzlies
Question 1:  Who scores more points, RUDY GAY, PAU GASOL, or BRANDON ROY?
Question 2:  Which team gets more total rebounds, the BLAZERS or the GRIZZLIES?
Question 3:  Which player (either team) shoots the highest overall field goal percentage for the game regardless of number of shots taken?
Question 4:  Which Blazer scores the first points of the fourth quarter?

Best of luck to everyone!

--Dave (