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December Jersey Contest Game 7

Here is the form for Game 7.  As always, just copy it into the comment section of this post and fill it out to enter!

I am thinking there will only be 10 games in December due to Christmas and a bunch of back-to-backs.  Those of you who have not taken "X"s yet can plan accordingly.

Game 7 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers   Raptors
Question 1:  Which team commits more personal fouls, the RAPTORS or BLAZERS?
Question 2:  Who is the leading rebounder in the game (either team)?
Question 3:  Who will attempt more three-pointers in this game, JAMES JONES or ANTHONY PARKER?
Question 4:  Who is the Blazers fourth-leading scorer in this game?

Good luck everybody!

--Dave (