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Game 23 Preview: Jazz at Blazers

Since we just played the Jazz the preview from a couple days ago pretty much holds.  Utah is still working on that losing streak, now up to six five games.  They really should come out mad and motivated.  They really are still a better team that we are even when we are healthy, let alone without Lamarcus' services.  We're going to be hard-pressed to contain Boozer.  The key to this game will be stopping the things that will be symptoms of their anger and motivation, namely not letting them rebound all over us, not letting them bully us, and not letting them dominate points in the paint.  That's a tall order.  It will certainly help if they're as lethargic as they were the other night.  This has got to be driving Jerry Sloan crazy though and at some point you'd think enough is enough.  Hopefully this isn't the night.

One thing that could work to our advantage is that if they come out angry and we match them blow for blow, layup for layup, that anger seems impotent and their confidence will fade.  In any case it's a free game for the Blazers.  We'd be expected to lose.  A win would be ultra-fantastic.

--Dave (

P.S. I almost forgot: Zone them until they prove they can beat it.