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Quick Chat Recap

Casey reports that the audio for the Quick Chat got really messed up today and there will probably be no archive, and thus no recap is possible.  The big news of the day is that Casey himself is moving on from OregonLive to take a job with the Portland Trailblazers.  Congratulations are in order.  Casey is one of the best and nicest guys in the business and obviously the Blazers picked up on that.  He deserves everything he gets.  Almost all of you know that Casey ran Blazersedge before I did.  I'd like to think that eventually I would have found a semi-wide audience anyway but Casey certainly fast-tracked me.  It has been a pleasure watching and benefitting from his work at OregonLive and I'm sure we all look forward to even more when he's with the organization.

Congrats, Casey!

--Dave (

P.S. In other Quick Chat news Jason Quick confessed to being an involuntary nudist with an unhealthy attachment to bean sprouts. If the audio archive ever comes out you can check it out for yourself. Really.