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Advice Needed far this week we're 2-for-2 when I write a preview saying we basically have no chance to win and put the whole "crying in beer" quote in the Gameday Open Thread.  We have two tough games coming up this weekend:  the rematch with Utah and a road game against the team that has our number, Denver.  Question:  should I continue the pattern or is it time to move on?  On the one hand it could bring good juju, maybe powerful enough for a win.  On the other hand maybe that's too much to put on such a young tradition and it may get broken before it has a chance to grow and flourish.  Or maybe it's a crime to waste such a powerful ritual in a season that probably doesn't matter that much in the long run in terms of wins and losses.  Should something like this be saved for the playoffs or even the Conference Finals?  Help me decide...

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