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Well, well, well...everybody seems happy today for some reason.

Jason Quick is happy.  Though that first sentence of his recap is...I don't know...not accurate?  This team goes exactly as far as Lamarcus and Brandon take them.  Remember the Blazers had a 5-game winning streak in December last year too and look where it got them.  One week, even a great week, does not a season make or a team reform.  Besides no Roy tonight equals no easy (or at least easier) shots for everyone else.

Kerry Eggers says Nate McMillan and Brandon Roy are happy.

Mike Barrett is really happy.

Also we get to find out Casey and Jason's big secret today on the Quick Chat. [Hint: I've heard it involves alien pregnancies, global warming, certain breeds of cabbage, and the number 83.]

How happy are you?

--Dave (

P.S. The guys at GoldenStateofMind are not so happy...