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Can You See Me Now?


The Oregonian is reporting that Comcast and Verizon have struck a preliminary deal which will put the former's station on the latter's cable systems by the end of the year.  Could this be the first domino in the chain?

--Dave (

P.S. OregonDuckworth posted a diary with the same link just as I was posting this. I deleted the diary to keep the conversation in one spot but I will add his editorial quote:

Incidentally, do you all think that people have been overly negative about the whole CSN controversy? I mean, the option to watch almost every Blazer game on basic cable is unprecedented, shouldn't we be happy that the option is there, even if not for everyone? Maybe I'm way off base here, I'm not even in Portland right now, but when I get back I'm getting comcast and am looking forward to Channel 37. If nothing else, it's good that the team has an additional revenue stream of ~12 million/year.

Respond at will.