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Gameday Open Thread and Blazersedge Night!

The day is finally here!  Whether you're sitting with the Blazersedgers tonight or not make sure you wear your B.E. t-shirt to the Garden tonight and cheer like crazy when the name gets flashed on the big sign!

Obviously I won't be chatting in the Gameday Thread tonight but you can!  Register all of your pre-, in-, and post-game commments here!  I do have internet access after the game so watch for the usual recap and the preview of Saturday's game.  You can find the Jersey Contest entry for Dallas below.  (There's none for tonight's game.)

Also don't forget to come to Wordstock at the Oregon Convention Center at 1:00 on Sunday if you want to hear a panel presentation and essay including some of your favorite Blazer writers and a rep from the team.

See you in Portland!

--Dave (