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November Jersey Contest Game 4: Mavs vs. Blazers

We're going to skip predicting the Memphis game because coming back to the hotel to write a recap and the next day's preview will be enough without also having to tally scores all weekend.  So the next game up for predicting will be Saturday's tilt versus Dallas.

Here is the form.  Copy it into the comments section of this post and fill it out completely to enter.  

There is a Special Bonus Offer for this game.  The smart money, of course, says Dallas will win.  I love homers and risk takers though.  Anyone who predicts Portland to win will receive DOUBLE POINTS for guessing the winner correctly if the Blazers actually do other words instead of 30 they'll get 60 (making their theoretical maximum score 130 instead of 100).

Game 4 Form:
Final Score
 Blazers  Mavericks
Bonus Question #1:  Who will lead the Blazers in scoring?
Bonus Question #2:  Which team will have more steals?
Bonus Question #3:  Will Steve Blake be OVER or UNDER 4.5 assists?
Bonus Question #4:  Which will be greater, CHANNING FRYE'S POINTS or JOEL PRZYBILLA'S REBOUNDS?

Good luck all!

--Dave (

P.S. Just to clarify, it's a perfect score that wins the instant jersey. Topping 100 because of double points doesn't need a 130 in that case. Of course now that I mentioned it someone will do it...