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Game 4 Preview: Hornets at Blazers

We just did a preview of this matchup last week, and since little has changed (other than the Hornets continuing to beat up on the rest of the league) there's no need for a full one again.  You can read it here if you missed it.

I will reiterate one thing:  I am glad the practices got a little rough this week because I still maintain that the best way to tackle this team is to literally tackle this team.  I don't mean breaking the rules or trying to injure anybody.  You just need to play very physically with these guys and use any athletic advantage you've got.

Also getting down the floor early is a good idea.  If you can isolate any two or three of their defenders against equal numbers you have a decent shot, especially when those defenders are on the move.

Basically tough, gritty, hustling play is the way to go tonight.  Everything else from the first preview also stands.

--Dave (