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Canzano Speaks

John Canzano registers his lates thoughts on the Comcatastrophe here.  It's not much new but I'm sure he reflects the thoughts of many and occasional pressure/reminders probably help some.

My thought is that if you are able to see the games on League Pass (i.e. are out of the blackout area) this should be a non-issue.  I know LP costs money but if you love movies you have to pay to see movies...if you love the circus you have to pay to see the general folks shouldn't be complaining about having to pay to see the Blazers if you're out of area.  It's not a bad deal.

The people who I feel really bad for are the people within the blackout zone who cannot get Comcast but also cannot see the team on League Pass.  Some of them even paid for the non-refundable subscription.  That is nothing short of horrible.  Unfortunately neither the team nor the TV providers are likely to be moved by their plight.  It's a PR disaster but business concerns usually predominate.

I don't think it's right that local people have to dump their satellite systems to see the team either, but again this seems like part of Comcast's business plan.  I wouldn't be surprised if they wait until they feel all the people who are likely to make the switch have converted and then cut a deal.  There's less incentive for them to disperse the product until then.  The good news is that won't be forever.  The bad news're experiencing it now.

--Dave (