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Blazersedge Jersey Contest: November Game 3

Here's the form for the ongoing Jersey Contest for November.  You can join in even if you haven't entered yet.  You're not far behind and you can win instant prizes every game for scores of 100 (perfect) or 22 exactly.

To enter simply copy and paste the EXACT form below into the comment section of this post and then fill it out.  You get 30 points for correctly predicting the winner, 10 points for each bonus question right, and 30 more possible points for getting close on the score.

Game 3 Form:
Final Score--
 Blazers   Hornets
Bonus Question 1:  Who will score more points, LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE or CHRIS PAUL?
Bonus Question 2:  Who will get more minutes, JARRETT JACK or BOBBY JACKSON?
Bonus Question 3:  Who will commit the most turnovers for the Blazers?
Bonus Question 4:  Who will be the first player off the Blazer bench in the second half?

Good luck all!

--Dave (